Friday, 29 December 2006


Hyderabad - my first stop in India.This is where The Moon's Complexion began...

'Market stallholders held up yard-long gourds or plump melons and stood to attention...'

'People called from shed-like shop entrances. ‘Photo, here please! Photo!’ '

'...shops selling colourful lac-bangles, wares spilling out onto the streets. '

The Charminar - 'an ancient Islamic arch that stood in the centre in a state of splendid decay.'

'There reigned beneath the bustle of frenetic activity, and the clamour of competing motor horns, an undercurrent of self-assurance and control.'

'She stopped by a pair of giggling girls in bright saris, who sat on the pavement weaving garlands of jasmine and marigolds.'

Photos and Text © Irene Black