Friday, 29 December 2006


Hi, I’m Hannah, one of the characters in Irene Black’s novel, The Moon’s Complexion. Most of the action takes place in India and in Sri Lanka, and I thought you might like to see some of the locations I snapped in my role as a photojournalist, accompanied by some quotes from the book. Of course I have not included anything that might give away any parts of the plot.

However, before you turn to the first file (Hyderabad), please consider very carefully whether you really want to do this. Have you read the book? If so, are you sure you don’t want it to stay in the world of your imagination? Or are you strong enough to be able to weather this without letting it take over?

If you haven’t read the book and would like to read it first, you can purchase it from , or from or from or as an eBook from You can also read Irene's blog on

The Moon’s Complexion is now in its third edition with a smart new cover.

If you’re the sort of person, who doesn’t mind watching the film before buying the book, you’ll be fine looking at the photos before you read it.

Do keep revisiting each file as I might add other photos as I find them again. It’s been a long time…

I’ll build up the files over several weeks. Hyderabad is the first, simply because it was my first stop in India. Even now, the memory of what happened there sends a few shudders down the old spine.

Photos and Text © Irene Black